"Advocacy creates success. It’s an authentic and purposeful way to live your life and do business."

We help you transform the way your executives, senior leaders and frontline talent engage and collaborate with people – both internal and external stakeholders.


KWAN Services

Most people recognise the critical importance of relationships to business and personal success. A key blindspot in business today is that true relationship building doesn’t sit with any function or team, or in any strategy or plan. It’s largely assumed to happen by default. It rarely does.

What we do is work with clients to change this picture. The core idea that drives our work is that of advocacy. Advocacy is consciously understanding who is important, why they are important, what is important to them and how you can remain relevant and top of mind with each other.


Leaders rigorously assess people for their character and capability, all while commonly assuming those people have the connectedness to create and sustain effective and authentic relationships. The assumption leaves even the most senior executives out in the cold, because we’re rarely taught how to ‘do’ this thing called relationships.

Kwan is driven by a simple purpose – that everyone matters. We focus on advocacy, and helping clients give relationships strategic focus, because it adds significant value to individuals and organisations.


We use a high-thought/low-touch approach that is time-smart and practically equips people for success. Each client program is tailored, while drawing on our proven modules.


Introduce your organisation to what advocacy is and why it’s important. Baseline your organisation’s relationship-building capability and the strength of your people networks via the online Kwan People Advocacy Score (KPASTM) survey – setting a foundation to benchmark performance, improve accountability and track progress over time.


Teach your people the values of advocacy, behaviours to connect and collaborate, and strategies to remain relevant and top of mind. Facilitate the development of individual action plans. Build on these through active team reviews where your people share and learn from each other, as they build their ability to reposition their value proposition and better unlock opportunities.


Maintain momentum by drawing on the experiences and wisdom of industry leaders as they share what they have learned from relationships that were change agents in their lives. Speakers for these in-house events are sourced collaboratively between Kwan and our clients and can also be used as opportunities to engage key external stakeholders.

A unique offer for executives ­– your advocacy council

In addition to our organisational modules, Kwan’s advocacy council offer is a unique opportunity for individual executives to build a core network of advocates. Each independent council comprises relevant industry leaders who are selected to align with an executive’s priorities, strengths and growth areas. They support, inspire, encourage and challenge, giving a fresh perspective to help executives respond, grow and anticipate their next move.